Best White Noise Machines

Best White Noise Machines

With so many options for the best white noise machine it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Thankfully there is a great choice available for everyone. The way you want to use white noise is the most important factor.

Scroll down to learn more and get the white noise machine that is best for you!

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World's Smallest White Noise Machine™

The World's Smallest White Noise Machine is a portable sound machine that helps you sleep better on planes, manage tinnitus, improve concentration. It is so amazingly small that it fits in the palm of your hand.

Its the best white noise machine of its size, since it includes 10 different tones of white noise, with tone adjustment and continuous sound (no loops). You can use this tiny yet powerful white noise machine with the included earbud headphones, your own headphones or with pillow speakers.

"Create Your Own Private Sound Cocoon With This Tiny White Noise Machine"
-Bruce Brown - Digital Trends

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World's Smallest White Noise Machine™
The Best Portable White Noise Machine

The Best Portable White Noise Machine

This small yet powerful sound machine doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with fantastic sound quality.

Take it with you on your next trip as a sleep sound machine or use it during the day to stream music or Tinnitus sounds from your favorite sources.

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Alarm Clock and White Noise Machine in One

Our newest sound machine gives you the ability to customize the sound list to your preference. We've taken one of our most popular sound machines, reinvented it and made it better than ever.

World leading sound quality - sleep sounds and nature sounds now play at better than CD quality to immerse you in relaxing audio and lull you to sleep

Custom sound cards - Choose your ideal mix of up to 25 of Sound Oasis' expertly crafted sleep and relaxation sounds - Download your choices to your own SD card or request a customized mix to be mailed to you

Improved clock and alarm setting features - It's easier than ever to set up your sleep sound machine

Refreshed appearance - We've given our best alarm clock sound machine a new sleek look

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Alarm Clock and White Noise Machine in One

About White Noise Sounds and White Noise Machines

Playing White Noise is an effective way to cover all extraneous sounds and create a peaceful sleep environment or a continuous background to help you concentrate.

White Noise sounds are exceptionally useful because they effectively block out unwanted sounds and create a constant sound environment. White Noise sounds are also very effective at managing tinnitus and soothing babies.

These Sound Oasis White Noise sounds are designed to be hours long so you never hear the sound repeat or start and stop during your sleep. Instead, you experience our world famous sounds uninterrupted for the best sleep experience possible.

Uses of Sound Oasis White Noise:

•Sleep Aid
•Block Distractions
•Enhance Privacy
•Pacify Children and Pets
•Mask Tinnitus
•Soothe Migraines
•Increase Focus
•Melt Away Stress

White Noise Machines

The best white noise machines available offer high quality sounds coupled with the widest range of features designed to meet your specific needs. Whether this includes portability, alternate features such as Bluetooth or great alarm clock features, Sound Oasis white noise machines and sound machines are designed to be the highest quality on the market.

For Sleep

Light sleepers often find it challenging to get a restful night’s sleep when there are unpredictable sounds interrupting your sleep – it can be distracting to hear sounds of the city such as sirens or a car alarm or even your partner’s snoring.

A good white noise machine can be a great way block out the noise while you try to sleep at night. We offer many different sounds, from various white noises to create a steady hush made up of many frequencies to sleep music that will help lull you into a restful state. Whatever your needs, Sound Oasis has a great sound machine suited to every individual.

For Concentration and Studying

White noise can provide a great consistent sound environment that reduces distractions while studying. A basic sound machine such as the Sound Oasis S-100 or BST-100 would be ideal. To really boost outside noise isolation, use headphones. The World’s Smallest White Noise Machine is a convenient and portable way to black out noise and it is so small, you can store it in the travel case and tuck it away easily.